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It seems that there is some resistance to moving to the cloud over in Hollywood.  While the benefits of cloud computing are already widespread across the IT industry, it seems that there is still resistance.  We think this is related to the battles with piracy over the past decade.

Arguably, the digital production houses constantly weighing the costs and benefits of investing in systems and networks to see those creative visions realised on time and within budget would benefit from a little relief the cloud could provide.
However Alex Timbs, head of IT at Sydney digital animation and visual effects studio Animal Logic — which has helped create feature films from The LEGO Movie to The Matrix and everything in between — says that while the model has been proven, it’s not happening because the idea of it makes studios, and the industry more generally, very nervous.

Dean Utian, a 3D animation expert specialising in powerful architectural applications at the University of NSW, says that creative hunger is driving the need for computing performance.



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